Thursday, May 3, 2012

absolute beginning

okay, so lets say youve always wanted to learn an instrument. guitar namely. so how do you start out? where do you go?
here is where i will post all beginner tips, tutorials, etc.
 but before you go any further than this, answer this.
do you have a guitar?
if yes, proceed to the next post.
if no, read on.

so choosing a guitar is the most important part of beginning, obviously.
so which guitar is right for you?
to start out, ill say pick one YOU like. pick one that fits in the contor of YOUR body, that feels good in YOUR hands, that sounds good to YOUR ears. you have to almost let the guitar choose you. you dont want a cheap, shit-box to start out, but you also dont really want to start out with a les paul. dont let your guitar choice be swayed by other peoples opinions, either.

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